Terms and conditions

1. The residency will be for two months commencing April 2008.

2. The successful applicant will be accommodated at La Rongère, La Croixille, La Mayenne, France in a two bedroom cottage. Linen and power will be provided.

3. The successful applicant will meet their own food costs. A small car will be provided for the residents use. They will be responsible for petrol and any repairs during the period.  

4. A direct return economy airfare will be provided by the Trust after consultation with the applicant as to suitable travel dates. The resident is to arrange their own travel insurance and visas if necessary.

5. Telephone and internet access is at the successful applicants own expense.

6. Residents will be expected to be in residence at La Rongère for at least six of the eight weeks. They will also attend any meetings that are arranged by the Trust with relevant film organisations in France. Any such meetings will be discussed with them prior to their departure from New Zealand.

7. At the conclusion of the residency, the successful applicant will agree to show the work produced at La Rongère within six months of the completion of the residency. The work may be shown at an event to be held at a leading New Zealand Public Art Gallery or Public Theatre. The work may also be shown in France.

8. Upon publication or exhibition of any work created during the period of residence, the writer or artist will acknowledge The Trust's Residency.

9. The Trust must be informed of any other financial support for the work that will be undertaken at
La Rongère.

10. The successful applicant will look after his or her own tax requirements and insurance, and make suitable visa arrangements prior to departure.

11. At the conclusion of the residency, and no later than a month after departure, the successful applicant   will provide a written report to the Trust. This should include an evaluation of work accomplished during the residency and any constructive observations that may be useful for the Trust to know and consider in relation to future residents.